October 11, 2011


With Halloween around the corner, reminded me to pull out the images I have been saving of skulls in interiors, whether it's a skull lamp, vintage skull print or 1940's Hollywood Gothic chairs in skull print. Having skulls in your interiors year round is definitely not for the faint of heart unless you are a brain surgeon. Here are a few ways people have added a skull in their interiors without being too Gothic. Do you have anything with a skull? 

Carved wooden skull from Todd Alexander Romano on Lonny

Skull print sits on this tablescape from Todd Alexander Romano on Lonny 

Decorated workspace with Skull vodka bottle on desk on top of black boxes from Lonny

Skull print in this masculine apartment from Lonny

Bronzed style Skull lamp on table from Kara Mann

Black skull sitting by orchid in hallway table from Kara Mann

Charcoal study of Joseph Mason Reeves, Jr from Tradesmen on 1stdibs

Hollywood Gothic chairs circa 1940 from G4 Decor on 1stdibs

Crystal Head Vodka in cool skull shape

Handcrafted skull bookends from Phyllis Morris

Skull motif notebook from Utica Home

Who would have thought that Herend makes a Skull from the Gift Collector

Beautiful Skull pillow with orange trim from Style Notion on Etsy

Samara Gold Skull Candle from Olive & Cocoa


  1. Most of these would definitely give me nightmares, but I'm a wuss :)

  2. I think skulls can be such a a fun and edgy touch!

  3. i have a candle with a gold skull, similar to that one from Olive and cocoa :))))
    www.madebygirl.com madebygirl.blogspot.com

  4. They are very edgy and I admire those that can pull it off but they would probably give me nightmares like skippy! Cool post though...:)

  5. I love it, love skulls, of course that makes everyone think Im goth which I am not, have never feared them they are a part of us ;)


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