October 6, 2015

Intro to Espalier

Espalier is French but is derived from the Italian word for "support", "or rest shoulder against". Espalier is art of pruning and training trees or shrubs usually flat against a wall or trellis to form symmetrical and flat geometric shapes.  

Espalier dates back to 1600's in France when fruit trees were getting killed by the frost so farmers decided to plant the trees next to walls. Then space became limited as the trees spread out, so the farmers decided to cut back the trees and realized this "pruning" caused the trees to bear even more fruit the next season.
Assorted espalier patterns that exist from Attic Mag

Famed landscape architect here in Atlanta is John Howard of Howard & Associates who designs the most classic yet opulent outdoor living spaces and gardens. Ironically, a few of his projects featured beautiful espalier designs among other beautiful landscape detail. 

Other Beautful Espalier Designs
Blooming espalier from This Old House

Smaller patio using the horizontal espalier design from BHG

Can you believe this magnolia tree is being grown so flat and narrow in the fan pattern of espalier from Barbara Berry's Beyond Beauty book featured on The Style Saloniste. I think this photo truly shows the art of espalier "to train a tree to grow flat against a wall".

Pattern Designs
Vines such as ivy or wisteria may be used, or flowering camellias, pyracantha, jasmine, and flowering quince are other good choices for design patterns against a wall.
Camelia branches create a criss cross design from This Old House

Beautiful belgian fence design on the front of the house from Deborah Silver

Here is an example using ivy in the belgian fence design from BHG

Fruit Bearing Trees
Fruit bearing trees, typically apples and pears, can be grown against walls and this practice allows for typically larger sized trees to be grown in smaller, more compact spaces. Heat generated from the walls help the fruits riped more quickly. The fruit bearing trees provide beautiful blooms in the spring, and vibrant foliage and fruits in the fall. See some of the various patterns patterns below.
I had not seen a citrus espalier yet from Ian Barker Gardens

Circular pear tree espalier at Museum Garden Gaasbeek, Belgium from Avantgardens

2 tier candalabra espalier (Pear tree) from renowned grower, River Road Farms in TN.

Close up of the actual tree bearing fruit

Ready to try your own, but dont want the daunting task of starting from scratch? There are reputable espalier growers who specialize in the "Trees in Training". Most notably, is Peter Thevenot of River Road Farms has estate grade pieces and whose work has been featured at George Washington's Mount Vernon, The Atlanta Botanical Garden,  Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, The Denver Botanical Garden, and The Morton Arboretum in Chicago to name a few.

Ready to try your own? With a little patience and a few years, you can get your own espalier. Check out these instructions featured on P Allen Smith from Peter Thevenot at River Road Farms. 

George Washington's Mount Vernon Espalier's
Against the wall you can see some of the espalier from George Washington's Mount Vernon 

Close up at Mount Vernon from AD

October 3, 2015

Morbid Anatomy Museum

In honor of Halloween, I wanted to post something a little on the creepy side. In Brooklyn, New York there is a musuem known as the Morbid Anatomy Library & Museum. This is almost like an extreme natural curiosities collection. The Library used to be available by appointment only is now open on Wednesdays, but the museum is open almost daily that features various exhibitions.

Who doesn't love museum stores, check out a few neat finds from their online museum store
Cardiac Wallpaper which depicts anatomical human hearts intwined with each other. 

Histology Plates designs made by staining human cells to show the intricate patterns

History of Digestion Plate Set The range portrays the intricate anatomical pattern and detail from the teeth to the stomach, intestine and liver.

Memento Mori Tote Bag Would make a gret trick-or-treating bag

September 30, 2015

Green Driveways {Pavers + Grass}

I always remember some of the beautiful green driveways in Palm Beach. When you think about how much space a driveway takes up in the yard and many times it's just simple concrete. These "living" driveways take curb appeal to he next level. Not only aestheticlly pleasing, they are functional in that they can reduce heat & glare and can be functional in which they can let rain pass through to the ground underneath reducing runoff that can make your yard dirty and soggy.

Here are some amazing designs from South Florida firm Southwest Greens that uses golf course quality synthetic turf between the pavers for a lush, but low maintenace look. 

Few more vendors who use artificial turf

Aren't these are all so pretty? Would you be scared to drive on them? 

September 27, 2015

The Interiors of Nancy Meyers' Latest Movie, The Intern

Remember the amazing house interiors from Something's Gotta Give, It's Complicated or one of my fave movies The Holiday which had California modern chic and English countryside cottage? All were directed, written and produced by the famous Nancy Meyers whose interior film sets garner as much attention as her movies.

The newly released, The Intern with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro is the latest Meyer's movie which is set in trendy Brooklyn, NY. Hathhway's character, Jules owns her own beauty e-commerce company is set in a warehouse converted to trendy open office space. Her brownstone was said to be inspired by J. Crew's creative director, Jenna Lyons own Brooklyn browstone.

Meyers wanted to design this home as she thought a mid 30's family with one child may do as with the character and so she purchased some of the furniture from places like Restoration Hardware, Design Within Reach and Room & Board. The brownstone's architectural details are my favorite.

Get the look yourself

Vintage marine style pendant lights from the Haverhill collection from Hudson Valley Lighting

One King's Lane has the pink bed and pink & white club chair available for sale from Warner Bros Pictures so this is the one from the set. 

Pink Child's Bed - $399.00 from One Kings Lane

Pink & White Club Chair - $449.00 from: One Kings Lane

Interior photos courtesy of Architectural Digest

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