August 18, 2012

House Listing

I saw a beautiful house real estate listing here in Atlanta and wanted to share some of the images which features some great architectural elements and ceiling detail. The walls are all white and it makes me wonder were they all white before or did they paint a neutral palette since they are selling the house. It doesn't look stale as there are pops of color throughout with their floral fabric, rugs and artwork and darker window and door trim. For more photos and info check out the listing from Linda Williams at Beacham & Company.


  1. Love the charming exterior and fun prints!

  2. What a wonderful home. Love the open floorplan and the coffered ceiling is gorgeous!!

  3. The design and layout of the house is just to die for. I love the colour palette mixed with those prints.

  4. Wow, nice kitchen. Love the light fixtures and dark wood floors with white walls. I wonder if those are marble countertops... love that color.


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