July 28, 2014

Dodie Thayer's Palm Beach Lettuce Ware

Known as the "Pottery Queen of Palm Beach" Dodie Thayer's lettuce ceramics are old quinessential Palm Beach and most notably her beautiful lettuce soup tureen was considered a status symbol. In the 70's-80's Thayer's work could be seen throughout the pages of House Beautiful, House & Garden, Architectural Digest, Gourmet and Bon Apetit. Her work was never mass marketed and to this day collectors still flock when her items are found in an antique store or estate sale. I couldn't even locate a piece on 1stdibs right now which was surprising!

Famous collectors included Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Perry Como, the Duchess of Windsor, C.Z. Guest, Dina Merrill, Frank and Barbara Sinatra, Brooke Martin Astor and most of the island's society ladies. When Queen Elizabeth visited a horse farm in Kentucky in 1986, her hosts served lunch on Lettuce Ware specially ordered for the occasion.
C.Z. Guest's Lettuce Ware collection in her kitchen from WSJ

Lettuce ware tablesetting accented with botanical themed blue and white linens from Decorating with Sheets blog

Sybil Connolley (the designer of Tiffany & Co's Tiffany Weave China) displays her Dodie Thayer soup tureen from Peak of Chic

The very stylish, James Andrews personal lettuce ware collection from What Is James Wearing blog

Thayer's lettuce ware plates on display in this feminine Palm Beach apartment from House Beautiful

Beth Arrowoods' beautiful beach bungalow features a beautiful display of Thayer's lettuce ware from WSJ

Meg Braff decorated this Palm Beach home and used the owners Thayer lettuce ware plates as the tablesetting from House Beautiful.

Dodie Thayer soup tureen on a cocktail table from New York Social Diary

Dodie Thayer standing by a display of her beautiful lettuce ware in the 70's from Palm Beach Post

In December 2012, Tory Burch listed this as her Holiday Wish List on Vogue in which Burch said,
"“I’ve been eyeing an antique lettuceware tureen by Dodie Thayer—each piece is like a little work of art.” from Vogue

Historical reference sources: Palm Beach Daily News, Palm Beach Pulse

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