May 30, 2011


In the 1700's a variety of earthenware called creamware was produced by several companies including Wedgwood and Leeds Pottery in England. Although expensive today, in the 18th century creamware was affordable to the middle class. Some of the most innovative styles are said to be made between 1780-1820. Creamware can come in other colors, as it is named after the pale-white clay used in its production. Many pieces have scalloped or perforated edges which are my favorite!

From popular movie set, "Somethings Gotta Give". Architectural Digest

Dan Carithers amazing creamware collection Traditional Home

Creamware presence in the kitchen. Houston Lifestyles

Old creamware pitchers above kitchen hood. Traditional Home

John Jacobs amazing display of creamware with shells

Creamware presence in a bedroon by Womack Interiors

Creamware displayed with antique silver in this cupboard. Martha Stewart

Creamware really pops against contrasting wall cover. Martha Stewart

Small creamware bowl used for Hyacinth topiary. Martha Stewart

Of course Martha would feature a Creamware inspired wedding cake.

Wedgwood Creamware basket with lid on 1stdibs.

Creamware Soup Tureen circa 1820-1stdibs

Creamware Charger circa 1780-1stdibs

Creamware basket with stand circa 1780-1stdibs

The Look for Less: 

May 27, 2011


As you may be aware, I love all things beachy and used to live at the beach for a few years which I loved. I met my husband at the beach so I hold a special place in my heart for all things beachy. When I got married, I found some amazing blue and white letterpress simple Save the Dates, and I centered my beachy wedding theme around: white and navy, with a little starfish since we got married in Charleston, SC. 

Also shown are fun inspiring ways to add Starfish as accents in your home decor.

Few pictures from my wedding: 
The Save the Date that started it all. Wish this was a better picture.

Straw fans for the guests

Shell boutonnaires and Vineyard Vines starfish ties for the wedding party

Tall centerpieces with vases filled with starfish

Guest goody boxes

Check out these amazing and simple ways to add Starfish into your home

A few simple starfish on the trim add a nautical touch Victoria Hagan

Notice the starfish on display in the secretary-Veranda

White starfish pop against the plates on display-Phoebe Howard

Notice the starfish rug- Elle Decor

Framed mini starfish on the left-Karen Robertson Collection

A few starfish on some built in bunk beds by Suzanne Kasler

One simple starfish above each bed- Ruthie Chapman Somers

Outdoor starfish Amanda Nisbet Design

White finger starfish against a darker linen really pop- Mary McGee

Starfish tile in the bathrooom- Traditional Home

Table decor with starfish Sesame & Lilies 

Starfish mirror from Cottage & Bungalow

I actually got a few of these from my mother in law for my birthday. She got them at Mercantile in Atlanta. 
I have 3 of these as accents in a silver tray among other things. 

Here are some of those starfish available online for purchase at Cerulean-$6 each.

As you know I have a few Herend pieces that I love, and I think they make great gifts for someone special. Besides a bunny, all of my Herend's are beach themed and I have this starfish and love it.

May 21, 2011

Porcupine Quill Boxes

These nifty boxes were made by collecting porcupine quills which drop naturally from the animal in the late 19th/early 20th century in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) which was an important trading post in the Indian Ocean. Ships traveling from the West to the East would take supplies there. These boxes were produced as souvenirs for sailors. Many of these boxes can be found with ivory dots, ebony or bone inlay and with an elephant on the inside. I once read that the closer proximity of the ivory dots together, the more valuable the box.

Being a versatile little box, you can keep anything in them, maybe save special cards, letters, postcards photos, or use as a writing box. These boxes can be difficult to find, since many are antique and are valuable. 1stdibs is a great resource since it links so many antique stores to a central location.

The March 2011 issue of Veranda mentioned the porcupine quill box as actress, Julianne Moore's "Favorite Thing"

Veranda March 2011

Notice the various shaped and sized quill boxes on the coffee table by Phoebe Howard 

An exceptional box, notice how the dots are very close together-Antiques Council

1st Dibs-Benjamin Wilson Antiques

1st Dibs-Ad Lib Antiques

Here is a small hexagonal box that shows the elephant on the inside with Ceylon where it was made with a somewhat souvenir appearance. 

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