October 8, 2011

Fall Wreaths

I put my pumpkins out last Weekend and my Fall wreath too. I don't always have a wreath up, but for Fall, Christmas & Easter I do! Here are some fun Halloween/Fall wreath ideas!

Dried corn husk wreath hung by ribbon over mirror from Marta Stewart

Green mossy wreath with mini pumpkins and burlap wreath from High Heeled Hostess
Initial Leaf Wreath from Thrifty Abode

Spider Web wreath using light Reindeer Moss and spiders from Martha Stewart

Orange and Brown candy wreath from Martha Stewart. I think this would be a Trick or Treater's fave!

Table wreaths using white pumpkins and pistachios and another using acorns from BHG 


  1. Love the one with burlap with pumpkins nestled in - too cute!

  2. I love wreaths! Gorgeous photos :)

  3. Hi I love the Spider Web wreath using light Reindeer Moss and spiders. The spider web wreath I may try and make with this with my daughter. I am thinking I may attach a piece of clear fishing line to the bottom of the wreath about6-8" worth and dangle a spider from it so it looks like it is crawling up. I also may add a couple glow in the dark spiders


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