October 1, 2011

It's Pumpkin Time

Since today is October 1st, and we are on the home stretch for Halloween! I wanted to post some fun ways to decorate with pumpkins! I just mine outside this morning! This year, I got 2 white pumpkins to add to the collection! Am I breaking the rules by going with white pumpkins? Here are some cute ideas for fall decorating with pumpkins.

Monogrammed pumpkins from Better Homes & Gardens

Pumpkins on top of urns with fresh cut greenery from from eab designs

Assorted pumpkins used to make toadstools and little snail from Martha Stewart

Mantel and fireplace decorated for Fall from At Home Arkansas

Flame pumpkins in the fireplace from Country Living

Tree silhouette painted on pumpkins in bookcase from Country Living


  1. those monogrammed pumpkins are to die for!

  2. Such great idea - I love all the pumpkins piled up in the fireplace! I tried to say hi on pinterest and it didn't seem to be working so either I totally spammed you or you got nothing at all. :) Anyway, hello back I'm following your great style there too! :) And thanks - my orange post is coming soon, including the finial...

  3. Oh these are fabulous! We don't really celebrate halloween like you do in the states but I have always wanted to carve a pumpkin! Both the fireplace pictures are my favourite!


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