September 19, 2015

Chinoiserie Blue & White Pumpkins

Mann, it's been a crazy year for us with travels, getting our house ready to sell, selling our house (which happened very quickly), then packing up, and moving to temporary housing until we find our next home!

So what amazing find did I come across that brought me back to posting? Ahhh, I'm so excited to share these chinoiserie pumpkin designs I saw at Town & Country! You know I LOVE blue and white everything, so I saw these pumpkins and thought what a great idea! I think I want to try to make one, but should I do it on a real one or the "fake" ones? So if you have a down weekend, grab yourself a white pumpkin, and some navy paint pens/Sharpies and draw away!

These are some of the pumpkins available for purchase from Indigo Home at Etsy. She also has some other great chinoiserie items such as adorable blue & white dog bowls (and she has a Cavalier King Charles too!)

That Southern Chick made a few designs. She studied some chinoiserie prints and  took some of her favorite elements and applied them to her pumpkins.

These beautiful pumpkins were completed by Karolyn of the Relished Roost and she also sells her pumpkins as well. 

These customized pumpkins were made for dinner party guests from Pretty Pink Tulips

These pumpkins were featured on Enchanted Home's blog and were painted by Karolyn of the Relished Roost

I love this top view of the pumpkins which truly shows all the great detail.

Here are some inspirations to get some pattern ideas or add to your blue & white collection!

1 comment :

  1. Gorgeous! I did some similar on furniture. Can't get enough of this look. Great job!


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