October 10, 2011

Halloween Doggie Picture

We have a lot of Trick or Treaters in our neighborhood, so we like to dress our little Charley up since the kids just love it! Our dog actually likes wearing costumes or sweaters which is odd, but I think he likes the attention that he gets. So while normally Charley is a little shark for Halloween, my husband saw this costume online and had to get it. We definitely laughed to tears looking at our little Yoda! Check out the photos of our trial Halloween costume run.

Our little Yoda!

All these pictures are wearing me out.

"Is my name Charley or Yoda?"


  1. Haha this is SO cute! My sister has a Cav. King Charles too! They are the cutest dogs :) xo

  2. What a cool post for this time of year! I don't honestly think I could put one in my house, but I still enjoyed the post :) PS -- love your (new?) profile image


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