October 21, 2011

Matthew Cusick: Art with Maps

Some people will always seem to amaze me with their talents. Now I love decorating with maps and did 2 posts this year on them (see Sail Away, and Decorating with Maps). Today, I came across Matthew Cusick a talented artist from NYC who uses maps embedded into his paintings to create a mosaic piece of art. There is no paint on top of the maps, but the base medium is painted. The wave pictures are my favorite and some of the pictures you can not even tell maps are used until you look closely. I have so many questions: Where does he get the maps to use, how long does this take to create and I would love to see a photo of the map scraps all over his workspace. I would love to own one of the wave pictures.

Three Horses, 2011

Kara's Wave, 2009

Fiona's Wave, 2005

Untitled Wave (Black & Blue), 2008 Notice the constellation with detailed imagery in the night sky.

For a few non-wave pictures: 
Geronimo, 2007

Many Rivers, 2009

Blue Horse, 2011


  1. agreed--I gasped when I saw these. I love the wave ones, but Geronimo is also pretty cool.

  2. These pieces ate BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much or the intro....love them

  3. I can't seem to believe that these were maps. They're brilliant! Have a lovely week ahead, Kellie xx

  4. Wow that's amazing!! I love Kara's Wave - thank you for sharing this with us! :)


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