July 27, 2011

Colorful Cottage

I happened to come across this amazing waterfront cottage at Lake Simcoe from Style At Home that used blue, white and coral color scheme everywhere from the interiors and accessories to the outside. The basic scheme is blue and white with coral accessories thrown in...from pillows, blankets, flowers. I just love all of these!

Blue lounge chairs are shaded by perfectly places coral umbrellas and coral striped towels. Do the drinks come with coral colored umbrellas too?

Blue couches with white piping and colorful throw pillows

I love the opposite here with white couches and navy piping, using the same pillows for consistency

Navy built in cabinets really pop against the stark while walls

Now this is where you would find me most of the day.

Different take on the white and blue using darker woods

All images from Style At Home

July 25, 2011

Sail Away!

Sorry for the delay in posts, I was gone on a vacation sailing through the Caribbean (on a lovely family cruise) and while someone else was doing the navigating, maps are on my mind again......

Back in February I did a post on Decorating with Maps here's a little recap: 

I recently came across from fun map wallpapers on House Beautiful to help achieve this look. Whether you choose to "map" the entire wall, just the ceiling, line the back of shelves, or make cohesive looking storage boxes  or frames, these wallpapers make an easier way to get the map look without decoupaging.

This one is my favorite since it is so realistic with light colors and based on real charts from Ralph Lauren Home

Here is a photo from Coastal Living with this wallpaper in a bathroom

Sepia toned map wallpaper from Pierre Frey

1700's London inspired map from Thibaut

Mount Desert Island treasure style map from Peter Fesano

Vintage "Christopher Columbus" style map from Stark Wallcovering

July 9, 2011

Antlers Galore!

Antlers can be spotted from a rustic home to a modern colorful room. You can hang mounted antlers, or ones with attached skulls singularly or in groups. If hanging antlers are too much, you can have antlers are decorative accessories whether it be a set on top of a stack of boots, on the shelf in a bookcase, or even an antler bottle opener at your bar. I first bought a pair of antlers from an antique store in Charleston, and quickly was able to find a place for them. Around Fall, I move them to my dining room table as part of the fall centerpiece decor.

Set of different animal antlers and skulls from Restoration Hardware

Mounted antlers in the hallway from John Jacobs

Dan Carithers personal residence at Traditional Home with mounted antlers is this rustic living room

Bowl of antlers from Scout Designs

Cream deer head matches the wall from Scott Laslie

White antler lamp really stands out against the navy walls from Miles Redd

Massive antler display at the home of singer, Shawn Colvin from Austin Home Monthly

The animal heads are small enough to have a few hanging together Williams Sonoma Home

Eric Cohler at Lee Joffa fabric

Mini media room with antler accessories from Caldwell Flake

Antlers used to display jewelry from Stripe Design Group

White ceramic antler pendant from Design Within Reach

Antler Platter from B.D. Jeffries

Vintage antler looks great on top of stack of books or on bookcase from Jayson Home & Garden

Antler bottle opener makes a great gift. 

Vintage antler would look great on tabletop or buffet from Etsy

Deer head with flowers comes in 8 colors from Well Appointed House

Nifty antler socket covers used to hold your cell phone while charging from Nendo
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