November 24, 2015

Rosemary Sprigs

I wanted to some up with a simple decor idea for your Thanksgiving table and I saw some cute leaf projects and pinecones, but I just adored these ideas using a sprig of Rosemary. Such simple ideas that also smell great. Just like my last post with persimmons I definitely think many of these ideas transition nicely into the holiday season where you can use rosemary sprigs as napkin rings, around the bottom bases of your candle tapers, or like a stirrer in a yummy wintry cocktail.

Easy to make rosemary wreath table cards or napkin rings from Spoon Fork Bacon

Burplap thats been fringed ties the silverware and rosemary sprig together from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Don't want to fuss with napkin folding? Try this idea where you tie a beautiful grosgran ribbon and rosemary sprig at bottom of napkin from Debbi Lilly

Paper place mat and matching name tag with decorative edger paper cuter from Martha Stewart. Source: Country Living

Napking folding instructions to hold memo from Rustic Wedding Chic

Name card holders tucked into folded napkins with pocket from Spoon Fork Bacon

Rosemary sprigs wrapped around votives from Style by Emily Henderson

Holiday Moscow Mule from Home Sweet Jones

White Christmas Sangria with cranberries from Cake N Knife

November 17, 2015

Decorating with Persimmons

Persimmons look like a cross between a tangerine and a kumquat but have an indentation and the distinct "dried leaf". I feel like Thanksgiving decor can be tough since people are so eager to get into Christmas decor, but with persimmons, you can easily transition from fall into Christmas and continue using your persimmons paired with pomegranates, cranberries, evergreens or magnolia leaves. I loved some of these ideas since a few of these inspirations can use items from the grocery store or perhaps your yard to decorate for fall. Look for some berries, twigs, pine cones, duty miller or mums and make a nice Thanksgiving centerpiece, wreath or decor for your mantel. 
What are some natural elements you are using for your Thanksgiving centerpiece this year?

Persimmons with dusty miller and orange mums in a wooden bowl make a beautiful centerpiece from Santa Barbara Chic

Create this rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece using brown craft paper for the table runner, walnuts painted gold and persimmons with greenery from remodelista 

Julie Blanner's "5 Minute Tablesetting" uses tangerines but you could substitute persimmons, add a few pinecones and greenery

Persimmons, spanish moss, cranberries, artichokes and succulents create this earthey centepiece from Weddingomania

Beautiful rustic urn with persimmons from Cermony Magazine

Lone persimonns on plates make a bold impact and provide the pop of color from Country Living

If you are lucky enough to find persimmons on the branch or if you grow them you can put them in a vase on your mantel or side table from BHG

Persimmons filled to the brim of this antique silver trophy is a great pop of color for fall and transitioning into Christmas from Savor Home

Wreath with persimmons (or kumquats hard to tell) provide pop of color to the dark door from Alice Lane Home

Magnolia wreath with persimmones and pomegranites could go from fall to Christmas with a new bow and if desired a few evergreen sprigs with this wreath from BHG

"Public Service Annoucement"

November 11, 2015

Beth Rubino's" Love the Coopers" Christmas Home Inspirations

It's essentially 6 weekends left until Christmas, but what better way to kick off the pre-holiday spirit with a new Christmas movie coming out this weekend., Love the Coopers starring Diane Keaton and John Goodman, Olivia Wilde, Ed Helms and more. 

Given the role the Cooper home plays in the film, I wanted to showcase some of the Christmas interiors created by Oscar nominated production designer Beth Rubino. Rubino worked with director Nancy Meyers to create the famous "Hamptons look" featured in Something's Gotta Give and It's Complicated, among others. 

I was able to preview this movie a few weeks ago and speak with the award winning production designer Beth Rubino to get some of her insight and inspirations for the design and style of this Christmas home. Enjoy this homage to living inside this wintry snowglobe and some ideas I received from Rubino on applying some of her ideas to your own holiday decorating this year. 

All of the sets were predicated on looking through glass, like you would through a snowglobe. The interiors had an abundace of windows to the wintry outdoors and gave the essence of as if were inside the snowglobe looking out. The interiors were muted embracing the beauty of winter which can be void with color, so when color is introduced it becomes that more vibrant. 

Director, Jessie Nelson says her point of inspiration was the Netherland Renaissance painter Pieter Bruegel, The Elder. (Think, "Hunters in the Snow a landscpape that's frozen and harsh but warmed by its human inhabitants.)  The interior palettes being snowy blue of winter and gray blue on the walls, goes back to the snowglobe metaphor. Curious to know the gray Rubino used on the walls to embrace the beauty of winter? (Of note, she did say, slight variations had to be made for lighting purposes).

Remember, the Haus part of this blog?? I definitely thanked Rubino for showcasing some German Erzgebirge (in the window) which is from a special region in Germany known as "Christmas Country". All authorized crafts bear the official Erzgebirge handcraft symbol. 

I read on the "Somethings Gotta Give" set, Rubino sprayed sunscreen to get the actors in the "Hampton's beach spirit" and so I was curious what she used to get people in the Christmas spirit on this set. There was actual food on the set since the movie is largely centered around Christmas Eve dinner. Food stylist, Melissa McSorley had amazing stuffing, pastries and other dishes out, the set naturally smelled like a Christmas dinner.

 When Rubino met with director, Jessie Nelson she wanted the home to be where the family grew up in the house, having lived there 30+ years, completed some renovations to the house and had years of memories and collections. As shown above you can see the built in shelving showcasing the snowglobes. 

I asked Rubino for tips for my readers on ways to showcase some of your treasured, nostalic items. I thought I would receive styling tips on how to arrage a collection, or arrangement tips, but her advice was something we all should remember not just during the holiday season, but other times in our lives. It doesn't have to be something trendy or well produced, but what you genuinely love.

"Use various pieces that you admire & adore. Make your displays where they can be seen and touched for the holidays, pull out a table for a display, use them as a centerpiece. Get back to the joy of decorating and let the experience of bringing out those items be part of the joy, taking out the items, unwrapping them from padding and displaying for all to enjoy."

Rubino went on to further say that, "Warmth comes across when create your own holiday and enjoy it and whether that comes along with a tradition (like making silly gingerbread houses or showcasing your snowgloes), or an anti-tradition. Friends and family make your physical environment."

A few great sources from Rubino for some nostalgic Christmas decor:
-Beautiful nostalgic houses and brush trees on the fireplace from Cody Foster & Co
-German wooden centerpieces, pyramids and candleholders from K├Ąthe Wohlfahrt

You can't see in this photo but there are glass lamps that Rubino put pincones in. To the right you can branches with lights. I asked Rubino to give my readers some tips of ways to use some natural elements from your yard or repurpose items you may already own for a new holiday look. Rubino said, "Simple things really create a mood".

-Assorted glass vases filled with some of your favorite ornaments or vintage ornaments
-Use fresh pinecones & evergreens from outside, the scent of the pine is amazing.
-Try embracing the old days with your loved ones of making pinecone or popcorn garland
-If you are limited for space, use string lights in the shape of a tree on the wall. 

Rubino said, "Diane Keaton's character was someone who took care of her home and had nice things." She chose the kitchen styling to show that while the family has probably been in this house 30+ years, the kitchen was updated about 5-7 years ago. Rubino chose the open shelving since Keaton's character loved collecting and the open shelves allowed her to showcase her beautiful items. 

Plates and various dishware from California based, Heath Ceramics

Images courtesy of CBS Films

November 6, 2015

Neutral Pumpkin Displays

If orange isn't your thing, I have come across some beautiful neutral pumpkin displays using the ever popular white pumpkins. I love how they can look beachy or romantic depending how they are styled.

These white pumpkins were painted with milk paint from Miss Mustard Seed

My little pumpkins wanted to keep the shells & coral company

I have been rotating my cream pumpkins, I picked a little camelia in the garden and paired it with my pumpkins in the kitchen.

November 2, 2015

Belgian Grays

Grays is the perfect way to describe my day. The first working day of this new time change and ughhh rain, rain galore here in Alanta so it was dark and gloomy all day. I definitely didn't feel like I got an extra hour of sleep. On the otherhand, these are grays that I like!

Belgian Style decor typically includes a neutral color palette that includes whites, taupes and of course grays; raw lighter toned woods, lots of textures such as linens, sisal; antique styled furniture, and rustic elements such as weathered woods, wicker and mosses.

Famed Belgian designer, Vincent Van Duysen on Remodelista

Belgian Coastal Home by Axel Vervoordt at AD

Belgian Grays

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