April 28, 2012

Federal Bullseye Mirrors

Federal Bulls Eye mirrors, or sometimes called Girandole mirrors if candleholders are attached have an eagle at the top which is cohesive with the Federal period. These mirrors have an interesting "wide-angle fish-eye camera lens" concave glass effect which actually served a purpose. 

Historically, these mirrors were displayed in dining rooms where entertaining would occur and with the outward bending glass, this allowed the butler to see the entire room (ie. when glasses needed refilling or prevent guests from trying to steal the silver) while staying discreetly out of sight. It was the ultimate domestic surveillance system. I always see a few of these at Scott's Antiques and they are awesome. Now they can be found in living areas above a mantel, in the bedroom, or in the hallway.

Lynn Morgan at House Beautiful

Notice the 13 balls around the mirror. This was to represent the 13 original colonies. Bullseye Convex Mirror from Richard Rothstein

Here is a smaller version painted white from Lonny

The company, Syroco founded in 1890 used resins to replicate the original wooden adornments and carvings on the mirrors to make replicas. These more affordable versions can be found on Ebay and Etsy.
Federal Style Mirror by Syroco found on Etsy from Affordable Adornment 

Another Etsy find from Green Zebre

Syroco Federal Bullseye mirror from Belated Designs on Etsy

Convex mirror from Cafiero Select

April 26, 2012

Sunny Yellow Accents

The color yellow is so cheery and fun! It goes with so many colors white, black, blue, pinks, purples and it can be fun accent color whether you use cheery yellow flowers, lemons in a bowl, a yellow accent pillow or throw! It's Thursday and the weekend is almost here! Yay!

One of my fave kitchens perfectly accented with yellow flowers, lemons and stools from Benjamin Dhong

Perfectly styled bookcases with yellow accents from pillow, garden stools and yellow paper covered books from Trad Home

Yellow accents in this dining room from Trad Home

Bright yellow chest pops against the blue and white room from Mendelson Group

Bright yellow chair and mirror in this glam black and white bathroom from decorpad

Bar cart accented with lemons in delicate wooden box and large yellow lamp from Blushing and Sweet

Yellow stacked National Geographic magazines add pop of color here from Tilton Fenwick

Neatly organized desk from Creature Comforts

Cheerful bright yellow front door from Flickr

Bright yellow Oscar dress from Net A Porter

April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, I wanted to showcase some global accents. Here are some of my favorite images of ways to use globes in your decor!

From Ken Fulk on House Beautiful

April 20, 2012

Summer Olympics Countdown

Of my goodness, I am so excited the countdown for the Summer Olympics in London! This week marked the 100 day mark, so it's down to double digits now! Mark your calendars for July 27th! I am so excited about the Olympics, wish I was going! I remember when the Summer Olympics were in Atlanta and I lived in South Carolina. My mom and I went to around 5 events and stayed a few days, and what an amazing experience. A few weeks before the Olympic torch ran through my hometown so we went out to see that too!

I can't wait to see what London has in store for the world and for the infamous opening ceremony and what surprises there will be!  I really hope we get to see some of the newly married royal couple too!

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