February 1, 2011

Amazing Closets

I read a story today about a loving husband who built his wife a closet after the Sex and the City II closet. He then loved it so much, he wanted one for himself. While I knew other amazing walk-in closets existed, I found a few drool worthy closets to share. All you need is lots of space, great molding, lighting, shelving and furniture and the designer closet can be yours. Filling it with clothes and shoes won't be a problem.

Sex and the City II-Closet-notice the masculine and feminine sides.

No more excuses to leave your shoes and jewelry laying around.

and....Mariah Carey's shoe closet.

For the gentleman....Ralph Lauren's mahogany closet

Love the bath/closet combo!

Of course it's no ultimate closet without windows and a flat screen.

Size is not an issue.

This one is visually appealing. Clean, classic, and chic!

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