October 24, 2011

La Cornue Ranges

I remember the first time I saw a La Cornue stove in person many years ago, I was so intrigued with this piece of art. When I registered for my wedding at Williams Sonoma for some reason the scanner would not the beautiful one at the store. La Cornue of France makes these amazing ranges and cabinetry which have an industrial yet nostalgic and chic look. I love the metal trim on these which comes in copper, gold or silver. I still can't decide what color is my fave! What is your favorite color stove?

Love this black stove with the white cabinetry and ohhh that amazing island from Trad Home

Love this black La Cornue stove against the light blue cabinetry from decorpad

Light blue cabinetry with white stove from Smitten Design

Amazing marble backsplash and a black stove from Pinterest

Another black stove with gold trim but copper pot accents and dark counter tops from The Perfect Bath

Black with silver trim can even look a little modern from Trad Home

Solid silver La Cornue with cabinetry in this Provencial inspired kitchen from Veranda

Silver stove with gold trim, I think this one is versatile from decorpad

My favorite is the copper trim. Not sure I could commit to a blue, but this is just beautiful, from La Cornue

Darker range with gold trim from La Cornue

White stove island with additional cabinetry from La Cornue

Some Fun Colors:

La Cornue from Rutland Architectural

Eggplant colored stove and cabinetry from La Cornue


  1. I'm drooling all over every single photo in this post!

  2. They are totally, completely spectacular! I'll take the black one!

  3. They really are amazing! It seems like it's one of those things that you can live without until you learn about them, then it seems like you just HAVE to have one. ;) Congratulations - I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award! Stop by today for details...:)

  4. I have had mine for a little oven a year and they are as amazing to cook on as they look. Worth every cent.

  5. I have to order mine by the end of this week to avoid the august shutdown. Please give me your thought: black stainless (not quite black, a new color for la cornue within the last 18 months), with some brushed brass and stainless trim, , , makes me feel like a great high heel pair of YSL shoes, , or the SAFE but gleaming gorgeous stainless, with chrome and stainless accents (also a nice contemporary feel to it, which appeals to me, very timeless, but maybe too "safe" and makes me think of allll the other ranges that come in stainless. Please help!

    1. Dear Anonymous, please get the black stainless. La Cornue is known for their colors and I love how the trim really pops against the darker colors. Send me a pic once you get!


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