September 29, 2013

Mushroom Love

 I wanted something fall like, but a tad bit different so I went into my yard and found some different mosses and made a little woodsy table centerpiece using 3 tiered cake stands and some of the mushrooms I brought back from Germany last year.

Here are some more great ideas using mushrooms!

Decorative mushrooms on top of mushroom books

Add a mushroom to your planter

Wooden hand carved mushrooms on a side table

September 24, 2013

Autumn Essentials

I know I am a few days late to the game, but this week definitely has started to feel like fall. Leaves are starting to fall, a slighter chill in the air, and of course football has been underway. I already bought 2 large pumpkins to sit by my front door. Saw this cute artwork from Jones Design. Funny thing, I definitely need item #1 on the list, a big umbrella as it's raining today!

September 12, 2013

From Hospital to Southern Home

Garden & Gun featured the home of Chris and Beth Collier who purchased this boarded up former hospital and nursing home which was built in 1904. They saw potential with the Georgian style architecture located in the historic district in Washington, North Carolina. Chris is an antique dealer, and his wife, Beth, a former museum curator is now an interior designer who saw this property as a place to showcase their work under one roof.

The entry hall did not receive a lot of natural light so they chose bright red lacquered walls

The original ambulance entrance 

The cowhide chairs and gilded table are from the couple's own furniture line, vanCollier.

Gentlemen's lounge room with dutch chocolate lacquered walls and Hermes orange ceilings

The original elevator

Vignette of personal artifacts

The fire escape opens off to a bathroom

Exterior view of the former Tayloe Hospital

September 2, 2013

Druid Hills Remodel by Pritchett + Dixon

I have featured Pritchett + Dixon before for lake houses and this time I wanted to showcase a home remodel in Atlanta in the area known as Druid Hills. This house was built in 1916 but recently a lighting strike coupled with water and fire damage required an extensive remodel of this house.

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