March 30, 2011

Stairway to Heaven

There are some amazing staircases out there but some are so rarely featured. Some of my favorites include amazing molding on the walls instead of hanging pictures, while others have great curvatures, finial detail, wood and color contrasts. One thing for sure, some of these longer stairs would definitely keep you in shape.

Look at the ceiling architecture. I believe this is actually in Phoebe Howard's Max & Co shop here in Atlanta.

Traditional Home-The curves are so visually appealing.

This is at Mrs Howard's (Phoebe Howard's store in Atlanta).

Stark white against the dark wood. Atlanta Homes Mag by Carter Kay

Jim Howard-Great finial and look at the moulding on the wall and curvature.

I love the checkerboard floor and more amazing molding going up the stairs.

I love how the stairs go over the archway by Plum Interiors

Dramatic black and gold stairs by Celerie Kemble

Now for a few worldy outliers....
Modern "Floating" staircase in Norway.

KPMG in Germany-I think this should be called, the "Stairway to No Where"

Lello Bookshop in Portugal


  1. I've been to Lello bookshop several times! its near where my grandparents live!

  2. These are incredible! I loved the first one with all of the detailing. If/when we build out new home I really want an amazing staircase - it makes such a statement! We'll see if my pocketbook agrees. :) I was in Lisbon a couple of years ago - sorry I missed seeing that one in person! Next time...


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