March 19, 2011

Spanx Amazing Office

Spanx....some openly admit to using them, some of us use them secretly, but we have all heard of Sara Blakely's Spanx collection which has now spanned into bathing suits, and a mens line (which I think should be named Manx).

The Spanx headquarters is located here with me in Atlanta, GA, tucked away in a highrise using 37,000 sf. I could only imagine when they moved across the street to their new building what the offices would look like....but I must say I was still surprised when I saw these images.

Tvsdesign firm, also located in Atlanta provided a "detailed feminine aesthetic and posh Hollywood feel" which also was recognized by Interior Design magazine as one of the Top 10 of 2010. Check out these amazing images from tvsdesign, and Interior Design magazine.

Elevator entrance to the lobby with red laquer and white quilted walls. Love the Spanx sign in Hollywood lights.

Mirrored coffee table, Bradley Hughes Linton sofa, with a residential feel. This is not your typical corporate lobby.

Open office work stations with drapes, lamps, and chandeliers for lighting. 

CEO, Laurie Ann Goldman's office, looks like a feminine living room, love the vintage LV, rugs and Atlanta based graphic artist, Philip Barlow fabric on the chairs.

Spanx has a "board of fun" who plans activities for the group and wanted the kitchen to feel at home be able to have a place for baby showers.

Another view of workstation and seating area.

Vintage Life Magazine Wallpaper


  1. That's an office space that would be delightful to go to every work day!
    xo Cathy

  2. How did I miss this issue!? Amazing! This is the best example of hospitality meets corporate ever. So. much. fun!


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