March 25, 2011

British Invasion

With the upcoming Royal nuptials (that I am definitely looking forward to), and the London 2012 Olympics, British invasion is definitely going on. The Union Jack can be seen in decor from chairs, pillows, dressers to window treatments. 

This looks a little alpine to me, this sure would be cozy in the Winter.

This shiny dresser is fab for the right room.

Apartment Therapy-vintage flags used as window treatments

This is my favorite since you could use it with any flag and its the right amount of sheerness and color for the white walls.

This is a twist on the traditional red, white and blue.

Vivienne Westwood Wall Panel also comes in rug and pillow

I love how this looks painted and vintage. This rug in a wood room, or trendy store would be amazing.

I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, since they are British dogs I think my little Charley would love this!

Bliss Living-These are too pretty to burn

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  1. WOW!I loved this post! I especially loved the idea of using a vintage flag as a window treatment! Too neat.
    So glad I found your blog today! Hope you can add your input for what YOU love! Info is here:


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