March 1, 2011

Bookcase Style

I have a few bookcases, desks and nightstands I like to decorate. It usually entails a stack of books larger to smaller, with something atop whether its coral, barnacle, a piece of Herend, vintage magnifying glass, and  small special photo frame (ie. inlay bone or colored enamel). There are many ways to organize bookcases, whether it is merely to display books in which you can organize by color, or add a visual impact and display accessories and collectibles. 

Suzanne Kasler- I love the pops of pink

Lonny-visually appealing

Lonny-great way to showcase vintage items for the gentleman

Chotda-amazing color organizaation

Real Simple-love how the back is painted brighter to make colors pop

Notice the books have been covered in solid paper from Phoebe Howard

Karl Lagerfield's Bookcases

Wallpaper background

Accessories to Decorate your Bookcases

Anthropologie-Colorful Books

Z Gallerie-Pinecone Finial

Z Gallerie- Aquamarine

1 comment :

  1. Great Post Lilly! I love the bookshelves from Loony, and Phoebe's one is so girlie chic! Really enjoyed reading this note! XoXo


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