March 11, 2011

Moroccan Poufs Twist

This months issue of Lonny reminded me how much I love the Moroccan leather poufs. They are so versatile and relatively inexpensive (some are) and an easy way to add a pop of color. They can act as an ottoman, interim guest seating, 2 can replace a bench at the edge of your bed, or in a nursery or playroom. I have found some twists on the traditional leather pouf...a taller version, square shaped, rattan, fabric, recycled burlap and even a splurge-worthy goat fur and Missoni print version.

Tazi Designs- Taller Traditional Pouf

Calypso St Barth-Leather Square Pouf

Calypso St Barth-Square Fabric Pouf

Mecox Gardens Large Tufted Pouf
Pieces-Goat Fur Pouf

Unica Home-Mega splurge-worthy Missoni Pouf

CB2-Chunky Knit Pouf

Authentic Morocco-Sabra Fabric Pouf

Urban Outfitters-Recycled Burlap Pouf

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