March 24, 2011

Hint of Turquoise

I love all these amazing uses of turquoise. 

This is from a house in Maine. I love everything about this, the architecture, panel details, the bookcase that leads you to a hidden room, and of course the color!

Hamilton Design-Looks like a turquoise closet hiding in there.

The turquoise pops against those black walls. Wonder if its turquoise on the other side?

Shiny Turquoise walls by MMR Interiors

Phoebe Howard-I love the window treatments, coral print and the light blue walls against the turquoise accents.

I think I have used this picture before but love the symmetry.

Lots of textures. I do find the red room in the back a little mismatching.

On a brighter note...Diamond & Baratta colorful designs.

Fabric side table skirt is a easy way to add color and change later.

This was a craigslist find that was reupholstered. 

You can find this chadalier in many designer magazines and I was so shocked to find the assortment of colors this comes in, but this color is my favorite. 
A twist on the traditional black and gold Draper chest. I think traditionalists may not like.

This has a vintage feel.

and of course a blog devoted to the love of turquoise.

I love turquoise accents in jewelry, it goes great with white and black. You can't go wrong.


This would be a great color for a repainted dresser with a shiny topcoat.

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