January 19, 2012

Sophisticated Redesign

Trad Home featured this 70's Nashville house remodeled by R. Higgins Interiors with no more shag carpeting, pine walls or avocado colored kitchen. The walls were kept more neutral with a pale blue color that matched the ceilings, while the dining room was painted a dark bronze that matched all the painted doors.

Traditional style with solid glass coffee table to add a little modern touch

Love how the curtains are together in the corner and then separate opposite directions

The walls in this den were upholstered to hide the dated pine walls. Look at the trophy display in the bookcase.

What a great picture gallery hallway 

old bronzed lacquered walls are offset by a pop of color from the curtains. The white bamboo type chairs make this room more casual

Neutral toned kitchen. Love the mini sink on the island. 

Curtains were chosen to match the color of the blue ceiling

Here the walls and the ceiling are the same color and a darker shade of blue was chosen as the trim. By the way, how many pillows do you count?

The beautiful exterior and landscaping of this Williamsburg style brick house


  1. Beautiful rooms!
    Love the dining room colors.

  2. Wow--I'm loving this! The upholstery on the walls is fabulous and I love the picture gallery in the hallway!

  3. beyond beyond amazing! love the picture gallery!

  4. This was a truly amazing remodel. I love the gallery wall with the oversized architectural prints!


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