January 10, 2012

Phoebe Howard's Book

I know a lot of my readers are fans of Phoebe Howard's work. She has finally completed her coffee table book, The Joy of Decorating which you can pre-order right now for 20% off and March delivery at Mrs. Howard's Personal Shopper. Bonus gift: A pocket sized chart of Phoebe's favorite paint colors! 
I am glad the cover of the book is with my fave blue and white. 

This would go lovely next to my A Passion for Blue and White book I got for Christmas!

What is your favorite interiors coffee table book?

I can't wait to see what new images are the book that we haven't seen. Here are a few of my favorite blue and white Phoebe Howard pictures: 

Natural Curiosities Octopus print and the infamous ink blue lacquered walls

Blue and white mixed prints from her husband, James Michael Howard

Another assortment of various blue and white prints with a simple floral touch to not be so nautical and masculine themed.

Assorted plants in blue and white containers center this room, and love the symmetry of the pillows and garden stools.


  1. Looks promising! Blue and white are so classic. I'm a huge sucker for decorating books.

  2. Lovely blog.

  3. This one is a must.
    Love her work and book will be a beauty.

  4. so classic and beautiful color combo!


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