January 25, 2012

Rustic Cabin Charm

One of my favorite Southern magazines, Garden & Gun featured these rustic 1840's cabins that were purchased by the owners who had them transported 2 states away to their 55 acre land site. They spent over 30 years renovating and adding 3 more cabins. What a nice and relaxing retreat they have made keeping rustic charm through exposed beams, lots of wood elements and vintage accessories.

Notice the vines from the plant growing on the ceiling.

Rustic bedroom with the floors and brick painted white

Gear for outdoor exploring hangs and adds more rustic charm

Love the wood flooring and the ceiling

Loft bedroom with great high ceilings

Exterior view of these antebellum style cabins


  1. I don't thin kid ever live in something so rustic if I had a choice, but I do love to look at them!

    1. Rustic only on the weekends. This is their 2nd home. But yes they are fun to look at :)

  2. What a fantastic store. 30 years! We love the rustic feel of the property.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those vines growing from the ceiling are SO cool and I love the cabins' exterior!

  4. I love the rustic simplicity of these rooms.


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