August 9, 2011

Vintage Bathroom Inspirations with a Twist

I came across Kohler's Tresham line which had such a cute gallery of inspirations for a vintage English cottage bathroom complete with pink Hunter wellies, vintage photos, trunks and Union Jack bathmats. Hope you find some inspiration and enjoy! 

This almost looks like a bedroom with a bathtub and sinks thrown in. Love the herringbone flooring too!

The masculine version of this bathroom complete with vintage pictures and throws

Cute inspiration for a smaller bathroom, love how the mirror has a similar curvature as the wallpaper design.

All those vintage books

Ballet jellies that match the bath mat, so cute!

Mini vintage perfume bottles by the sink

With a bathroom this cute, it's not hard to have fun getting ready!


  1. Love all of these..I can't decided if I like the bathrooms better or the models' cute outfits though, hehe!

    In response to your question, I wore a Lilly shift dress to meet Bryce's parents! Since the party we were attending was more on the casual side I had a hard time deciding because I wanted to look nice for his parents but not overdressed. I had actually worn the dress on another date with Bryce and he really liked it and said it would be good for the party/parents so I wore that!


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