August 9, 2011

Sail Away, luxury style!

Architectural Digest featured this 65 foot wood hulled sailboat that was hand built on Martha's Vineyard. While most boats this size are traditionally built out of fiberglass or metal, wood boats seem to made only by craftsmen such as Gannon & Benjamin, which was their largest vessel to date. This was the owner's 40th birthday present to himself, an avid sailor and since owning this boat has won quite a few international regattas. What a great way for this family of 4 to travel and enjoy time together sailing!

65 foot schooner named Juno

This cockpit table makes for perfect dining for 4 

Master cabin with luxurious Frette linens

The galley features a mixture of teak, silver Bali, and angelique woods 

The cabinetry throughout was custom-made

Even if you don't have a 65ft wooden sailboat, you can still have nautical style!



  1. this is beyond stunning! I would love to sail away right about now!

  2. Copenhagen certainly has inspired my nautical inspiration so this post is very timely for me! That lunch on the boat looks so inviting!!!


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