August 1, 2011

Next up from Target? Missoni

Boy I was excited when I posted about the Calypso St Barths items coming to Target in May. But, what better way to bring in the fall season than with a 400+ piece collection of Missoni items to Target during Sept 13-Oct. 22. The collection will include everything from clothing (men's, women's and kids'), to dinnerware, bikes, luggage and bedsheets from $2.99-$599.99 (could that be a sofa perhaps?). So if you are a fan of Missoni's trademark colorful zig zag line and either want to start your collection or add on to your current, then mark your calendar! I don't know how I missed out on this news when it was released May! Still no official lookbook has been released showcasing the items and images have been under tight wraps, but here is a little preview.

Papparazi photo preview taken during the photo shoot from Nitrolicious

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