August 16, 2011

Sometimes you just need a fun drink!

I had a lovely girls weekend meeting my two best friends from college in Charlotte! As I was driving back, I had a call from my husband who had fallen off our roof and broken 2 bones in 1 ankle and badly sprained his other. I think he and I both are in need of a fun drink. Here are some fun and colorful drinks to celebrate a girls weekend, shower, birthday or for just because! What is your favorite "fun drink"?

Cotton Candy Martini-I am not sure if that cotton candy would make it in there since I would want to eat it first!

Lychee Grapefruit martini- I love the sweetness of lychee so I can imagine this would be good mixed with the tartness of grapefruit.

Cake Batter Martini-Now I am not a huge fan of the creamy martini's, I can usually just do 1, but this does tasty, but those colorful sprinkles are awesome!

What's better than an umbrella in your drink? A wreath full of umbrellas!

1 comment :

  1. These looks so delicious! I see you and I have a mutual love of cotton candy. :) The strawberry and champagne mixture sounds divine! Hope your husband gets well soon...


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