August 31, 2012

Michael Graydon

I came across the beautiful photography from Michael Graydon of interiors from his clients. Each photo showcases perfectly styled rooms, lots of great accessories and the essential to great photography...perfect lighting! Feast your eyes!

Perfectly styled living space with fun accessories starting with the spotted dalmatian print chairs, an Hermes blanket, Union Jack pillow, Magic 8 ball, rubix cube and a bowl full of matches. If I lived in NYC I would want this room.

Rustic entryway with reclaimed wood floors, potting style bench, and burlap tree. Hello Fall!

Beautiful bold entryway with the geometric tile detail with similar pattern on the door and mirror. The Cole & Sons birch wallpaper softens the room at the top.

Chic city bedroom

Black marble bath with antique fixtures

Natural elements for simple chest styling

Gentleman styling with catchall plates

Beautiful backyard. Notice the topiary shape of the trees and the perfectly creeping ivory on the banister.

Mini rock and succulent garden

Now this is my type of gardening!


  1. I'm eyeing that antique mirror in the background of that first photo! So pretty! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  2. These are gorgeous! Loving those entryways. Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  3. I'm really loving all that black and white, but I'm not disciplined enough to stick with it in my own house. I have to settle for admiring other peoples' black and white decor!

  4. Love this!! So classic, a bit restrained, but with such comfort and style!

  5. Love all the patterns together in the first image. Very creative!

  6. Isn't he amazing? I love his work!

  7. His photos are great! Thanks for sharing


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