August 16, 2012

Andrew Raquet

 I wanted to share some of Andrew Raquet's amazing work with you! This post kinda goes hand in hand with the Quadrille post I did earlier. Andrew Raquet designed the Lyford Cay house for the owner and marketing director of Quadrille. Imagine all the fun Quadrille fabrics and wallpaper at your discretion for a vacation home. Heaven! Check out a few of the Lyford Cay photos and a few more from Raquet's portfolio!

P.S. It's my husband's birthday today. He was traveling for work, so check out the cute message he got last night at midnight from our little Charley!


  1. WOW wow wow! Now THAT is a house! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you are having a great weekend! Whitley

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby! :) All of these rooms just look so happy - one can't help but like them!


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