September 6, 2012

Pecky Cypress

I love the look of Pecky Cypress wood as its natural beauty gives a natural driftwood type seaside color and texture.  The sponge-like texture is actually created by a fungus that attacks the wood making the oblong pockets and the longer the pockets, the older the wood is. Ironically, you don't know if the tree has this fungus until the tree is cut down. Architect, Bobby McAlpine is the king of using pecky cypress.

Pecky cypress kitchen cabinetry and island from McAlpine and Ferrier at Coastal Living

Great paneled pecky cypress walls Tracery Interiors

Coffered ceiling by Bobby McAlpine

White washed pecky cypress ceiling from Beach Brights

Pecky cypress ceiling from Bobby McAlpine at House Beautiful

More Pecky ceiling goodness from McAlpine at House Beautiful

Ceiling design using pecky cypress form Lauren Rubinstein at HGTV

Raw pecky cypress walls from Sorriso de Mulher

Stained pecky cypress garage door from Pecky Cypress Depot

Close up of the sponge like holes that gives pecky cypress it's distinguished texture. 


  1. Thanks for including pictures of our work here on your lovely blog!

  2. oh my goodness, love how the ceilings look! Have a fabulous weekend! xo

  3. interesting! learned something new!


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