November 10, 2011

Tortoise Shell

I love tortoise shell frames, antique boxes, but I wanted to feature something I have seen popping up interiors which is the actual tortoise shell. They can be found hanging on the wall, or on a stand on a table as part of a tablescape. Sometimes they are lacquered, painted bleached or left raw.

 To be environmentally friendly, many people try to find an antique turtle shell or one that has been verified as naturally shed, but even better is using a replica/faux turtle shell, which is what Kelly Wearster used at the Tides Restaurant. I have heard stories of people who have found smaller turtle shells in the wild.

Tortoise shell mixed among other natural finds from Karen Robertson 

Tortoise shell rests on antique directors chair from Country Living

Built-in bar located in a little nook with a large turtle shell above from The Decorista

4 similar style tortoise shells arranged on the wall from Southall on 1st Dibs

Tortoise shells on the walls fro this small cottage style living room from Pinterest

Singular tortoise shell on stand from Tilton Fenwick

Mini tortoise shell on stand on top of porcupine quill box from Haus Design

 Natural Curiosities styled bookcase features tortoise shell from Muraca Design

Another Natural Curiosities inspired bookcase with light colored shell from Well Appointed House

Small light colored tortoise shell sits on side table from Victoria Hagan

Two tortoise shells above bird prints accentuate this island style room from Phoebe Howard

Two tortoise shells add symmetry to this room from Suzanne Kasler

Antique turtle shells grace this enclosed porch Country Living

Wall of 100's of  resin tortoise shells used by Kelly Wearstler to decorate The Tides La Marea

Tortoise shell on stand in front of mirror from Design Gumbo

Tortoise shells on stand for this modern vignette from Vivre

Amazing Louisiana artist, Amanda Stone Talley uses a tortoise shell as her base.


  1. Such a cool thing to highlight! I love tortoiseshell patterns so to see the real thing used in so many creative ways is cool. Thank you!

  2. I love them mounted on a wall - you get interest, texture and a beautiful range of color! The vignettes are gorgeous too... I didn't realize faux ones were available so that's great as a "turtle friendly" option. :)

  3. Definitely a trend I haven't noticed before but very interesting,

  4. They definitely ad a sense of adventure to a place. I've always had my eye on these Jonathan Adler ceramic tortoise shell lamps:

  5. I've always loved animal-inspired decorations, zebra rugs, antlers, sheepskins. They're sort of kitschy cool. These tortoiseshells look pretty sophisticated, though. Nice!

  6. Gorgeous pics! I have a craving for tortoise shell now. Lol.

  7. what a beautiful and original piece of art! great texture-animal accent!

  8. I just joined your blog as a follower! I love your posts and your aesthetic. I also nominated you for a little blog award! Please check out my post at
    Thanks! Mitty


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