November 14, 2011


I used to call these "cannon balls for your fireplace". Well they are officially called fireballs...close enough right? I was intrigued by these since at first, I thought they were just decor for the fireplace, but then realized these nifty little balls are supposed to be soot free and provide an alternative to gas logs.

Love the black background so the fireballs stand out from Betsy Brown

In the bedroom Things that Inspire

Traditional style setting from Bungalow Home

To get your own:


  1. Hey! You made me faint with the news!!! Thanks so much for your comment at Marcus Desin! Have you checked Kelly Wearstler's blog? She's so fond of these balls and they always look super cute for vignettes. Lovely day my dear Pisces Girl! XoXo

  2. Wow - these are so cool and look sooo much better! They are new to me but I like them. :)

  3. Great images of those! I love how sculptural they are and how easily the different finish options can lend themselves to different situations and environments.


  4. I've never seen these before! They are so awesome!


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