November 29, 2011

Christmas with Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald's Country English style Beverly Hills home was decorated for Christmas and featured in Veranda. Each Christmas she changes her decorations and this was her winter wonderland infused with Gilded Age glamour. She collects items and inspirations from her worldy travels, in which this year was from a trip to India in which she collected peacock feathers.

Tangerine topiaries with peacocks adorning the skirted side table

The amazing tree with peacock topper

Peacock feathers, fans and faux birds from India, pinecones, velvet ribbon, and dried/real and faux fruits embellish this holiday greenery and entranceway.

Spruce, Bay Leaf and Eucalyptus cuttings in urn

Pine garland and white paperwhites in dining room.


  1. I have only one word for this-fabulous!

  2. gorgeous pictures. cannot wait for christmas.

  3. I think I posted a comment under my son's google account a moment ago -- it was actually me though :)

  4. WOW! I think the paperwhites are the only decorations here that I could pull off myself. Peacocks! Wow.

  5. How incredible is this??? A peacock as a tree topper - now that's original. I have always loved peacock feathers for their exotic appeal but she takes it to a whole new level! Fun - and beautiful - post!

  6. This feature is so stunning. We really liked the peacock feather. Great idea and the colors are just so pretty in those feathers.

  7. over the top, much like her adorable personality! :)


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