September 6, 2011

Sticky Wallpaper

I came across this amazing girl, Payton Turner who makes wallpaper from something very unexpected...more about that below! Thanks to The Blue House for featuring this talented young artist.

Payton Turner in front of the damask floral wallpaper as featured in Elle Decor

Another version of her wallpaper in a bedroom

Mural wallpaper designs

Close up of the patterns and differing designs

And what does she use??? Thousands of hand applied, strategically placed stickers!

Very close up....she uses stickers for her designs! 

Another close up, almost like a sticker kaleidoscope. Kittens, polar bears, broccoli and paint..oh my!

After a few years of being a sticker collector (or more commonly known as hoarder nowadays), who knew I could have used the multitude of stickers I had from my sticker books to make a piece of art. Here is a smaller piece completed by Jill at The Blue House customized with her name. 

Customized sticker collage in the form of a print (little less work than doing entire walls)!


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