May 16, 2011

Stylish Dorm Room of Scout Willis

Scout Willis' (middle daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) dorm room featured by Style List at the ivy league Brown University is filled with heaps of her personality from photos of her style icons, JFK and Marlene Dietrich to vintage and stylish nostalgics of candles, skulls, mirrors, rabbit's feet, plush sheepskin rugs, and American and Union Jack flags. While this is not your typical dorm room, I did spot a futon and college pendents. 
What was your most stylish item in your dorm? 

Such a stylish rug for dorm room

Brown University pendent, and Idaho pendent where Scout was born and where she considers home.

Scout being as fashionable as her room

Scout's style altar.

This photo reminds me of a vintage style Ralph Lauren ad.

Even this famous celebrity daughter has a futon.


  1. So interesting to see her room - I guess the futon is attempt to appear "normal" and just like all of the other students. :)

  2. ^Actually brown provides futons in some rooms! Best school on the planet.


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