May 3, 2011

Dreamy Laundry Rooms

The first interiors pictures I ever started saving were based on some laundry rooms that I found amazing and thought I could use as a reference one day when designing mine (so a few of these pictures don't have a source). Now, I do not enjoy laundry like some people, but maybe a dreamy laundry room, would make it easier, and if not just easier on the eyes. So what makes a great laundry room? Based upon these pictures, a room designated for laundry, multiple washers/dryers, great cabinetry for storage, nice counter tops with plenty of space, a sink, and decorative elements. Which one is your favorite, or what would your dreamy laundry room include?

 I love the light floors, table in the middle to fold, crafts, etc. I love the decorative elements with the apothecary jars, rosemary topiary and the cabinets.

The wood floors with green cabinets look nice. I have a feeling the refrigerator is a back-up, which I would love.  The lighting in here is great as well. I wonder what's through the door, vacuum/mop storage? 

This laundry room is another favorite of mine with luxury finishes. Marble countertops and table, subway tile walls, and great porcelain sink. This looks so clean.

Smaller laundry room space

This could be a retreat for some. J. Hirsch Interiors

Modern style laundry room. Amy D Morris

I always fold laundry in front of the TV, so why not just have a TV in your laundry room? 

This is aesthetically pleasing on the eyes. Don't you just want to do laundry and make floral arrangements? HGTV

Fresh flowers and colorful runner in the laundry room will cheer up your day.

Brighten up your laundry room with this Amy Butler ironing board cover from City Chic Country Mouse on Etsy. 

You know you are supposed to air dry delicates, but  yet its so easy to toss them in the dryer. Not anymore with this nifty hanging drying rack from Ballards Designs.

Ruffled laundry bag that looks good enough to hang in closet or door from Layla Grace.

Organize your laundry room shelves with matching baskets that can be labeled and clip with a clothes pick. Check out Home Goods or World Market for discount baskets.

For great gift items, specialty cleaners, laundry accessories and lots of great laundry tips check out The Laundress

Various sized glass canisters from Container Store can store powder detergent, dryer sheets/balls, or starfish as decoration (or cookies, haha) in your laundry room. 

And 2 of my favorite things to make laundry easier: Shout Wipes (always a must for little mishaps when I travel and in the office) and Shout Color Catcher (because yes sometimes I mix darks and whites). 

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