September 24, 2012

Blue and Orange Inspirations

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Thing have been hectic at work and home! I have 2 trips planned within the next month, college football season just started and with the cooler weather we have been doing lot around the house! Here are some pretty blue and orange color rooms! Do you love orange during the fall? Right now I feel weird wearing black and orange together so I don't look like Halloween. :)

Mums and mini pumpkins with your blue and white is a great way to bring in Fall.

At Home in Arkansas by Tobi Fairley


  1. I love this color combo! Normally I don't really like orange on its own all that much, but paired with blue, it's the perfect contrast!

  2. I've been busy too - I can totally relate to my blog being neglected! :) I love the way adding orange to a blue room helps it transition beautifully from summer to fall...gorgeous examples.

  3. I know - it seems like the busiest time of year!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful rooms :)

  4. I love that first image! The orange really pops against the white and blue!

  5. I'm loving the color orange lately, but you're right, combined with black it reeks of Halloween. Pairing it with blue gives it a fresh look.

  6. Not being orange people, we would definitely consider pairing it with blue - such an elegant yet fun combination!
    C + C


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