June 25, 2012

Tennis Anyone?

Wimbledon starts today and is one of my favorite tennis tournaments of the year. The eyes are on London this year with the Diamond Jubilee, and Olympics all being this year, so I have a feeling Wimbledon is going to be even better this year! Here are some great images of houses with tennis courts for you tennis phenoms.

Beautiful large estate in London known as Heath Hall from Prime Location 

Beautiful home from Liggatt Development

Courts with no fencing from Pinterest

Tommy Hilfiger's Stone Hill Mansion in Greenwich, CT 

Victorian style house from Architecturas

Modern Australian home by Nic Brochsler 

Tennis courts in the background from the pool and fire pit from houzz

Tennis themed party table from Swank Sweets

Not sure if you saw the cute tennis accessories from Kate Spade!


  1. yes please, if I can play one of those courts! xo

  2. Makes me wish I'd never quit my tennis team and that we had built a court instead of a pool! Almost…I do love tennis though and these photos are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have never played Tennis before, but these homes are gorgeous.

  4. Kate really knows how to add glamour to any game! Too bad my serve doesn't... Great courts and beautiful homes.

  5. OMG what gorgeous images! I need to start paying tennis again!

  6. Super cute tennis themed party idea. I'm in a party mood.

  7. The last picture is so me. Pool, tennis and firepit and you won't hear a peep out of me!

  8. Love these! I keep telling myself one day I'm going to get really good at tennis...

    The Aestate


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