June 10, 2012

Scott's Antique Market

I went to Scott's Antique Market this weekend and snapped a few fun photos! It really is a must visit here in Atlanta and consists of 2 separate expo type buildings and an outdoor "flea market" area. The show is held the 2nd weekend of every month here in Atlanta! I intended to take more photos this time, but still not as many as I wanted. Hope you enjoy!

Beautifully framed assorted vintage flags

Tables and tables of pages taken out of vintage books which are great when framed

Assorted mounted antlers

Assorted painted nautical buoys

Assorted nautical maps

This small Henri Edmond Cross watercolor was beautiful.

Beautiful painting. The artist was on site working on more paintings.

Vintage style fern leaf chandelier

Cases and cases of vintage Christmas ornaments

Beetles in clear enameled bracelets. I needed these for my beetle post recently.

Showcase featuring a bunch of goodies

Tortoise shells, and antler horn knives!

Scott Antique Market


  1. Fun! I might have to plan my next trip to Atlanta around this. I love a good antique show.

  2. I have been looking for some vintage sea shell images. How much were they? I wish I had a Scotts!


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