June 13, 2012

Masculine Spaces

In honor of Father's Day being this weekend, I wanted to feature some of my favorite masculine spaces! No pinks, pastels, wild crazy fabrics, just something straight for the gentlemen!

Masculine bedroom with pinstripe fabric and silver studs on the walls from Mary McDonald at House Beautiful. My husband adores this room, but I think it was after I told him the walls are covered in Ralph Lauren pinstripe suiting fabric.

Masculine hallway/library from Scot Meacham Wood 

Framed nautical flags from Country Living

Badgley & Mischka's bedroom. Love the large monograms and leather chaise as a bench.

Cozy and comfy media room from McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier

Navy and white pinstripe walls from Habitually Chic

Have you seen my bike? Oh wait, there it is. Bicycle wheel table from Belle Maison 23
Masculine desk styling for the gents from Lonny 

"Messy" desk styling from Douglas Friedman 

Vintage pool balls in a bowl from Cafiero Select

Vintage style dresser from Amy Nicholas

Equine themed bar from Apartment Therapy 

Lots of shoes, Hermes boxes, Vintage LV stool, this is a fashionable guys dream. Tommy Hilfiger's closet from The Coveteur 


  1. I absolutely LOVE these spaces!! I would freak out if I went back to a guy's place and it looked like any of these spaces.

    The Aestate

  2. I am not one to like a fussy space - I definitely lean toward the masculine - so I loved these! How cool is that bike table? So original. I would have to buy those old billiard balls if I saw them at a market - they are great!!!

  3. those monogrammed pillows are fantastic!

  4. lovely home decor inspiration!


  5. There's something very cozy about a masculine space..I think it's because many of them are dark...I love black walls. For many all you hear is "lots of light..."...I prefer the darker side I guess.

  6. I love the first room and the media room!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Great images of mescaline rooms. My husband is a biker and he would love the concept of that desk!

  8. awesome home decor inspirations... can you tell me how to dress a leather bed?


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