April 20, 2012

Summer Olympics Countdown

Of my goodness, I am so excited the countdown for the Summer Olympics in London! This week marked the 100 day mark, so it's down to double digits now! Mark your calendars for July 27th! I am so excited about the Olympics, wish I was going! I remember when the Summer Olympics were in Atlanta and I lived in South Carolina. My mom and I went to around 5 events and stayed a few days, and what an amazing experience. A few weeks before the Olympic torch ran through my hometown so we went out to see that too!

I can't wait to see what London has in store for the world and for the infamous opening ceremony and what surprises there will be!  I really hope we get to see some of the newly married royal couple too!


  1. I lived in ATL during the Olympics, too. What a long time ago! Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  2. Hey sweetie! Hope you`ll visit my blog and maybe...we can follow each other?:X



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