April 7, 2012

Morris Egg Prints

Happy Easter Weekend! What better way to bring in the Easter weekend than with some Morris Egg prints! I love seeing the assorted egg shapes, design and colors. To some people the joy is collecting the actual prints from the book. I know the large monthly antique show here in Atlanta, Scott's has a few vendors who sell these, but you can also find them on ebay, estate sales, and if you find the entire book, you have hit the jackpot! Hope you have a wonderful Easter, my hubby and I are off to Augusta for the Masters tomorrow!

Assorted egg prints on Etsy from wesellusedgods

Assorted vintage egg prints by the sheet from Panteek

In case you are looking for the look for less here are some sources that offer the Morris Egg prints as printables:

1 comment :

  1. Love this idea! Vintage biological prints are always so interesting.


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