December 13, 2011

Sweet Christmas

I have alot of candy ornaments which is fun since I can always focus on getting one type of ornament theme (and usually get fun ones as gifts), but I also mix in my favorite blown glass ones that I get. I feel like I have noticed more and more candy themed Christmas items now. I still need to get around to finishing my tree and then I can post some pictures, but in the meantime, here are candy themed inspirations from tree decor to wreaths and my last year's decor.

Here was my candy decor on my table runner for 2010 Christmas morning brunch

My Christmas tree from 2010

Close-up of my tree last year. You can see a few of my candy ornaments: sugared gumdrop garland, ribbon, candy cane, gumdrop, etc ornaments. There is even an ornament which is a 4 piece of boxed chocolates.

One of my grandmother's handmade Christmas trees which has some candy on it since it's a Valentine's/love themed tree.

Over the top gingerbread houses and candy tree from Trendy Tree

White Christmas tree with red & white candy ornaments from House Design Interior

Candy themed Christmas goodies table from Celebrations at Home

Vintage style mints make great fillers from Good Housekeeping

Candy topiaries in varying sizes can be made with mints, candy canes, cinnamon dots, apple rings, etc. Last year I made the peppermint topiary and let me tell you with all those peppermints, it's heavy!

Candy wreaths made from gumdrops and mints from Martha & Blowout Party


  1. isn't it amazing how much effort goes to create perfect Christmas decoration. Love yours.
    Viera VT Interiors

  2. How beautiful! Loving those sweet treats! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  3. Oh these are so cute and fun! I love doing Christmas crafts and this makes me want to do some candy ornaments or trees, but alas there is no time this year ;-(
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my evergreen post. Have your checked out Pinterest, it is such a source of inspiration for all things, design related and more.

  4. I would really love to have a Christmas tree made of candies! I'd be the happiest on Christmas morning if your table runner will greet me good morning. :D

  5. Love, love, love your grandmother's Valentine tree. That is priceless!

  6. The one by Trendy Tree is spectacular!! I can just hear my kids though: "When are we going to eat it? When are we going to eat it? When are we going to eat it? When are we going to eat it?......" :)

  7. In love with this trend! Your Granny's tree is adorable!!! Indeed a sweet Xmas! XoXo Maca :)

  8. Your decorations are wish I was at your house for Christmas brunch!!

  9. I love it!! You are a decorator extraordinnaire! I love the tree and table!


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