December 5, 2011

Manhattan Designer's Christmas Showroom

Veranda featured the amazing Christmas decor of designer Richard Keith Langham's Manhattan design studio and showroom complete with a 20 ft Christmas tree and large greenery chandelier overlooking the table setting. The beautiful live greenery and green velvet chairs are accented by the red rug, red linens, glassware, and grandeur flower centerpiece. Pops of color are from the presents elegantly wrapped in various solid colored wrapping paper with contrasting colorful ribbon. This weekend we went to a Christmas tree farm that had a 20 ft tree that I looked minuscule next to, so now I can fully appreciate what it takes to fully decorate a 20 ft tree.


  1. WOW, now that is a Christmas tree!! Oh how I'd love to see this room in person :)
    Nancy xo

  2. WOW! That is some serious talent! The most beautiful photos I've sent his season! Thanks for sharing

  3. What a tree! Wonder how many hours did it took them to set it... 4, 5? Anyway, it looks awesome! Lilly, have you checked Ana Antunes Xmas table? I strongly suggest you to watch'll see... Tons of hugs and kisses! XoXo

  4. The green velvet chairs and red rugs would absolutely speak Christmas by just being there. :D That Christmas tree is super gorgeous!


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