December 3, 2011

Bergdorf Holiday Windows: Carnival of the Animals

Every year Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan does amazing Holiday themed windows featuring many of their luxurious clothing and accessories tied into a theme. This year's 2011 theme was Carnival of the Animals. I saw these windows on my recent trip to NYC and they truly are amazing. There is so much detail that is not even captured by these pictures. We also took a trip to the 7th floor of Bergdorf's which has an amazing home floor featuring John Derian & Kelly Weartsler section, among others and of course their Christmas room!

"The Brass Menagerie" features mixed metal birds and animals and the entire floor is covered in pennies.

Here was a close up where I tried to capture the distinct animals and all the pennies.

"Breaking the Ice" which features a mid afternoon garden party with plush artic animals.

"Testing the Water". This was by far my favorite and is completely encrusted in hand cut Italian mosaic tile with an intense blue and sparkle that this photo doesn't even capture. I later read that this took 10 months to build and is the most labor intensive single window display in Bergdorf history.

Here is a close up of the ground of the window with corals, shells, jewelry totally covering the floor.

"Teachers Pet" 3-D paper classroom featuring black and white animals with life size paper zebra, ostrich, panda, white peacock and more are surrounded in zoological books.

"Artists and Models" wood and leather folk art animals from all over the world gather together for the sculptor.

A couple more of their smaller displays on the side road, sorry for the glare I took these during the day.

Judith Lieber handbags in little mouse mirrored room.

Beautiful vintage photography themed display showcasing some of their home goods from the 7th floor.

Birds modeling beautiful designer dresses.

Menagerie of animals

On the 7th floor of Bergdorf's is their amazing home floor and I just love their Christmas room, so I snuck a few shots with my phone before I saw a worker eyeing me down!

White Winter Wonderland 

The amazing sea tree with coral sticking out and under the sea ornaments including jellyfish, hammerhead sharks, etc.

Beautifully decorated red & gold tree

Pink whimsical tree

They had these neat trees that were made out of vintage brooches.

Love these Margaret Larkin gold decorative trees.

Cool ornament we purchased at the Christmas shop!


  1. They definitely know they craft. Truly magical Christmas decoration.
    VT Interiors


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