April 2, 2011

Perfect Pink

As I am looking out my window at our cherry blossom tree in full bloom, I thought what better way than to share some of my favorite pink inspirations.

Ann Mashburns home- Atlanta Homes Mag

Elizabeth Dinkel-Love the pink trim on the drum shade.

Jennifer Lopez's dining room at Veranda

Pink bathroom by MMR Interiors

Suzanne Kasler-Those peonies are beautiful

Elizabeth Dinkle amazing floors

Vintage Pink Bamboo Lamps at Circa Who

Barnes & Noble-Dorothy Draper book

Penguin Classics at Anthropologie

Herend-I have a few of these and love them

Anthropologie- I love the bugs mixed with the ultra feminine design


  1. Hi Lilly! How are you? Hope you're super fine. Loved this pinkish recap! Susanne Kasler's debroom is dreamy! Huge Hug dear, and have a perfect weekend! XoXo

  2. Pretty in pink! Love the picture and of course the monograms!
    xo Cathy


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