April 14, 2011


Intaglio is the opposite of a cameo as its carved into wood, ivory or stone, while a cameo is a raised carving. Commonly intaglios were thought to bring good luck and were "trinkets" from Europe. Their roots date back to ancient Rome in which they were like a seal to mark your belongings, or an insignia in your ring. You can find them in rings, jewelry, and framed, with some examples below. I love how they are so delicate and look amazing framed, whether it's a singular one, a grouping, or a colored background. 

Intaglios framed en masse. Love the blue background. BrownRigg

So many arranged closed together. Ann Connelly Fine Art

Intaglios stand out with the dark brown background. Amy D. Morris

Marine Life Collection by Karen Robertson

Love how they are arranged mixed with tiny intaglios. Swedish Dekor

Notice the intaglios on the left wall above the desk. Suzanne Kasler

Lone framed intaglio. Metro News

This amazing vintage collection was at Christie's.


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