April 12, 2011

Capiz Chandeliers

Since I love things beachy, I have always liked the look of capiz chandeliers. They are not stuffy, and provide a nice glow of light. I hung one in my guest bedroom that has framed sea fans above the bed and love it! While I may not currently live by the beach, my guests can still feel as if they are on vacation. 

Low profile square shaped Capiz Lighting by Kendall Wilkinson

Veranda-These Verner Panton chandeliers are just amazing!

Here is a sconce version by Elizabeth Dinkle. Look at the paisley wallpaper too.

I love how this picture shows the warmth of the light through the semi translucent shells. 

This green version was featured in Rue magazine from the Nature Company

Gwen Carlton at Emmerson Troop

Capiz Sconce at West Elm

1 comment :

  1. As I look for a capiz chandelier for a new client, this post was perfect!!


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